Automation Alley Technology Industry Report Reveals Metro Detroit’s Tech Economy Remains Strong, Growth Trending Upward

Automation Alley Technology Industry Report Reveals Metro Detroit’s Tech Economy Remains Strong, Growth Trending Upward

Feb 12, 2015 | Troy, MI

Polk & AssociatesHundreds of Southeast Michigan’s technology industry professionals gathered today at the Colony Club in Detroit for Automation Alley’s Technology Industry Outlook, where the technology business association released its annual Technology Industry Report. This year’s report revealed that the tech economy of Southeast Michigan remains competitive with other leading tech hubs across the nation, and estimates for job creation trend upward for the coming years.

With data compiled by the Anderson Economic Group of East Lansing, Automation Alley’s Technology Industry Report benchmarks the metro Detroit region against 14 other high-tech hubs across the nation — including San Jose, Calif.; Seattle; Austin, Texas; Chicago; and Boston —  in terms of job creation, business creation, innovation and education. It also serves as a tool for attracting talent and investment to the region.

This year’s presentation featured an interview-style discussion between Jeff Green, Bloomberg News Detroit bureau chief, and Patrick Anderson, Anderson Economic Group principal and CEO. Kelly Kozlowski, Automation Alley senior director, and Warren Evans, Wayne County executive, also gave brief remarks.

“This report has the power to drive change in Southeast Michigan because it tells us who we really are as a region. It makes it clear that we are one of the leading centers for technology and innovation in America,” Kozlowski said at the event.

When benchmarked against the 14 other technology hubs analyzed in the report, metro Detroit ranks:

•    1st nationally in the number of advanced automotive industry jobs and establishments
•    1st nationally in the number of engineering technology degrees earned
•    1st in the Midwest in the concentration of tech-focused jobs
•    1st nationally in the number of architectural and engineering jobs
•    2nd in the Midwest in the number of utility patents issued
•    3rd nationally in the percentage of total employment in the technology industry
•    3rd nationally in the number of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degrees earned
•    3rd in the Midwest in the number of technology establishments

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