Purchasing Tax Foreclosed Property in Oakland County

Purchasing Tax Foreclosed Property in Oakland County

Polk & Associates CPAThe Oakland Country Treasures Office posted this helpful article on their website for those looking to for more information on Foreclosed properties available to be purchased.
State law in Michigan requires two annual auctions. Here’s a link to a brochure that describes property tax foreclosure in Michigan.
Treasurer Andy Meisner offers delinquent taxpayers very flexible, monthly payment plans to avoid losing their property, and to ensure their debt is not shifted onto the rest of the Oakland County taxpayers.
There are two auctions of tax-foreclosed property in Oakland County. They’re typically held in mid-August and mid-October. Details of the August 2015 sale will be posted several weeks prior to the auction.

​Property not sold at previous land sales can be purchased direct through the Oakland County Treasurers Office by making an offer on the property.  Please click here to find out more information on our Surplus Property.

To view the full post on the Oakand County Treasurer’s website click here

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