Quickbooks Corner: Where am I?

Quickbooks Corner: Where am I?

Analyzing data on computerQuickBooks allows the user to record receipts and disbursements throughout the year, but do you wonder now that half the year is over…where am I? Certain reports, produced or filtered, can provide you with very insightful data.

Do you wonder how things compare to last year or the year before last or the year before that, etc.? There is a way to run reports so you can see multiple historical years which allows you to compare productivity and expenses from period to period. This can help identify productivity issues or costs that may have changed either for the better or worse so that you can ascertain what if anything needs to change.

Each report allows you to drill down to the data which might help analyze why something is higher or lower in comparison to last year or earlier years. If you would like assistance in understanding how to produce the reports that allow you to interpret your data more succinctly, please feel free to contact Heidi Lund for a consultation.

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